VR Nursing Skill Training to Overcome Nursing Education Challenges

The nursing education system in the United States grapples with critical shortcomings, including limited clinical placements and a severe shortage of qualified faculty. These challenges hinder the quality of education received by nursing students and impede their readiness for professional practice. In response, Virtual Reality (VR) technology emerges as a transformative solution, offering immersive training […]

Creating Patient Safety VR Simulation Scenarios in Partnership with Mount Sinai Health System

In the complex ecosystem of healthcare, patient safety stands as a cornerstone of effective treatment and care. Hospitals, the bastions of healing, carry the responsibility of not just treating ailments but also ensuring a secure environment for patients. MedVR Education and Mount Sinai Health System have come together to develop training solutions for nurses particularly […]

Mixed Reality – Augment your Healthcare Training

In the realm of virtual healthcare training, there exist different kinds of realities. There is augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and now mixed reality (MR). In augmented reality digital objects are laid upon real objects. We can view these digital pieces but cannot interact with them. A smartphone is capable of accessing AR content. […]

Develop Clinical Judgement Skills with MedVR Ed Simulations

Clinical judgement is a collective term that includes key skills like effective communication, keen observation, critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration, and knowledge of best practices. It encapsulates the ability of healthcare professionals to assimilate vast amounts of information, interpret nuanced cues, and distill them into informed decisions. It is not merely about following protocols or algorithms […]

End-to-end AI Scenarios to Enhance Mental Health Assessment Training

When it comes to performing a mental health assessment, some core skills come to the fore. These include a patient attitude, composed exterior, good communication skills, active listening and, to some extent, empathy. Academic qualifications get a boost when professionals exhibit these skills, which, needless to say, takes experience and training to develop. In the […]

Preparing for NCLEX with MedVR Education

What is NCLEX?   The NCLEX exam is a necessary step towards becoming a licensed nurse. Also known as the National Council Licensure Examination, it is a standardized test that nursing candidates need to take after completing an accredited nursing education. A pass score from NCLEX proves to state boards that the candidate possesses entry level […]

UT Southwestern and MedVR Education Revolutionize EVS Training with VR

UT Southwestern (UTSW)  has recently received recognition and national distinction for “patient satisfaction, patient safety, and quality of care” from various reviewing bodies.  A crucial element contributing to this success is its Environmental Services (EVS) department. Quality environmental services, in turn, are a direct result of rigorous training. In a move to introduce innovative immersive […]

Heart Rhythm Society Partners with MedVR Education to build an Electrophysiology Curriculum in VR that will enable learners to earn ACE credits

Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) is a leading resource on cardiac pacing and electrophysiology. MedVR Education is building the world’s largest XR healthcare library for training and assessments and leading the way in providing quality healthcare training.  Both have combined their efforts to develop a VR curriculum for Heart Rhythm VR. This is poised to be […]

Texas Children’s Partners with MedVR Ed to Roll Out VR Training

With the aim of eliminating instances of CLABSI infections, MedVR Education and Texas Children’s Hospital came together to develop a VR training program that provides clinical staff practice in identifying and preventing cases of CLABSI.  CLABSI, or central line associated blood stream infection, is preventable yet thousands of deaths occur every year. In the United […]

MedVR Ed Connect – Participate in Virtual Healthcare Training Sessions via a PC/Laptop

What is MedVR Ed Connect?  MedVR Ed Connect allows you to connect to a VR simulation training session via your PC/laptop. It enables users to be part of a virtual reality simulation training without having to don a headset.   This PC based application allows participants, both educators and students, to join multiplayer VR simulation sessions […]

18 Reasons to Choose MedVR Education as your VR Training Partner

Healthcare training requires a good deal of hands-on practice to gain experience, build confidence and improve muscle memory. Practicing in realistic environments is essential to get accustomed to real-world situations and simulations prove to be the cornerstone of clinical training. Till not very long ago, training with manikins, standardized patients, and moulage had been the […]

VR Simulations for Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice (RCDP) is a training methodology that involves frequent practice of a specific skill or task, followed by feedback and reflection, with the goal of improving performance over time. The approach is characterized by its focus on deliberate practice, immediate feedback, and rapid cycle iteration.  What is deliberate practice?  To practice is […]

Can Simulations Promote Diversity and Inclusion

A simulation is created to mimic an existing scenario or a proposed one. When it comes to training and development, simulations are imitations of real-world setups that present realistic environments to learners. The idea is to get learners to practice and perform in close-to-reality environments and build confidence. This is not limited to a workplace […]

In-VR Customization of Healthcare Simulations

Each day is a unique experience but for a healthcare professional each day consists of several unique experiences. During the course of the day, they come across several kinds of people. These could be patients, caregivers, co-workers, etc. During the training years, practice sessions help these professionals gain skills and knowledge but how does one […]

Benefits of Multiplayer VR Training

If you have played the multiplayer online game Fortnite you will be well aware of the excitement it carries. Even if you haven’t, you may know people around you who’ve been hooked on the game. Ever wondered why? This game places users in an artificial environment, allows them to play in first person, and collaborate […]

8 Benefits of Using VR for Nursing Refresher Courses

Jenny works on a medical/surgical floor usually but when she got to work today, she was told that she is being floated to the intensive care unit. It has been several years since she has worked in an ICU and is a little apprehensive but is excited for the change of department. The Intensive Care […]

Training for Neonatal Resuscitation Program in VR

The process of birth brings with it changes not only for the mother but also the newborn. For the neonate, all body systems undergo change. Birth ushers in a major transition in life and the body is required to cope with this transition. Changes can be accompanied by complications, birth asphyxia being one of them. […]

AI-based Patient Assessment in VR Scenarios

Every patient is a unique individual and requires custom treatment. How do you prepare to face different kinds of patients and assess them based on their responses? The only way to master this is practice but how does one practice with real-patients? Experience will be one way to achieve this but what if this experience […]

Importance of Haptic Feedback in Healthcare Training

Having hands-on-practice is essential to perfecting skills and when it comes to healthcare the need is all the more crucial. Hands-on practice triggers multiple senses of a learner and provides an all-round learning experience. Simulations are an effective way to fulfil this need of practical training with virtual reality training possessing the benefit of providing […]

10 Best VR Simulation Training in 2023

What is VR Simulation Training?  VR simulation training is designed to provide learners an immersive, distraction-free and experiential learning opportunity. It can comfortably be accepted that effective training in any field can be achieved when these features are perfectly blended and aligned. Scenarios in a virtual environment are created to replicate real-world situations. Learners become […]

Types of XR Medical Simulations

What are medical simulations  Simulations are the reproduction of real-life scenarios and environments to replicate processes and scenarios in controlled environments. When it comes to medical simulations, it involves the recreation of healthcare procedures and scenarios to enable practice and training in safe and stress-free environments.      Significance of medical simulations  The medical and healthcare […]

Significance of Debriefing in VR Simulation Training

How significant is debriefing in a simulation-based VR training?  Reflecting on one’s actions is a good way to analyze the outcomes, be it the positives or the negatives. Debriefing is similar to this post task-completion analysis. It could be in a real-life setting or after a training session. This particularly carries significance in critical situations […]

Why Use VR for ACLS Training

How important is an ACLS training?  As per WHO data, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death in the world with close to 17.9 million losing their life each year. In the US alone, as per CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) one person dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease. CVDs […]

Practice Colostomy Care in VR

As technology advances, the methods of learning and perfecting skills also undergo changes, changes that are for the better. Virtual reality (VR) is one such development that is bringing about revolutionary changes in the field of education and training, including the healthcare sector. A lesson to practice colostomy care in VR is one such example […]

VR Open Scenario Assessments for Healthcare Training

‘The stage is all yours and you are in charge. Make choices and moves as you consider appropriate. In the end you will get a debriefing of your performance.’  This is MedVR Ed’s VR open scenario assessment for healthcare skills.  What is an open scenario assessment?  If you are familiar with popular open world games […]

Role of VR in Building Muscle Memory among Healthcare Professionals

Can VR play a role in building muscle memory? It is a case of a road accident. The victim is severely injured, unconscious and not able to breathe on his own. As an emergency room nurse, you need to immediately perform an endotracheal intubation procedure. Do you have the time to stop and think about how to insert the laryngoscope? […]

OR Cleaning – Plan Meticulously, Execute Effectively

Operating room, also called OR in healthcare parlance, is where invasive procedures are conducted. While cleanliness and hygiene of all areas in a healthcare set up are of primary importance, the significance becomes greater when it concerns the OR. As per the nature of the procedures performed here it is critical to keep the environment […]

Control Motion Sickness in VR

It’s immersive, its experiential, it offers a wholesome training environment to help gain experience and boost confidence – yes virtual reality, or VR as we call it, is an emerging and promising technology that can add value to every training session.  VR, no doubt, started out with gaming but is now becoming an important player […]

Postpartum Hemorrhage – Timely Identification Crucial to Saving Lives

According to research reports, PPH happens to be the leading cause of maternal deaths globally, accounting for almost 25% of all maternal deaths in a given year. Postpartum Hemorrhage or PPH refers to excessive vaginal bleeding following a baby delivery. This can occur in both vaginal delivery and a cesarean section. Blood loss exceeding 500 mL […]

Pointers to Perform Head-to-toe Assessment

The nursing profession involves a wide range of skills, performing assessments being one of the very important ones. Needless to say, assessments have to be fool-proof because it is based on these assessments that many future lines of treatment are based. It is like laying a solid ground-work before the structure is erected. One small […]

Patient Education for Successful Oral Medication Administration

The term ‘nursing’ encompasses a wide range of skills. Besides assisting doctors in procedures, some of the responsibilities of a nurse include providing bedside care, monitoring and recording patient’s health, administering medication, performing diagnostic tests, conducting physical examinations, and educating patients and their families about the treatment process. It is worth noticing here that while […]

Skilled Tracheostomy Care – Significant to Healthy Recovery

A skilled nurse in tracheostomy care performs a series of steps with precision and utmost care, reason being that a small error can lead to major consequences. Before we get into the care procedure and matters related to it, we need to understand what tracheostomy is all about.  First and foremost, tracheotomy or tracheostomy? Though […]

Emerging Trends in VR Simulations – MedVR Education

VR simulations have now been widely accepted as an effective means of learning and skill development. Organizations and universities across industries and disciplines are adopting this immersive and engaging method to provide their learners with an efficient means of learning. One such industry is healthcare. The healthcare profession is as much about theoretical knowledge as […]

Virtual Reality Medical Simulations

How helpful are virtual reality medical simulations for training and practice?   Before we answer this question, we need to understand what virtual reality is.  Virtual reality is a digitally created environment that may or may not be a replica of the real world. In the simplest form, such environments can be accessed on a […]

Patient Room Cleaning Training in VR at Children’s Medical Center Environmental Services

Objective of the study  The objective is to study the implementation Patient Room Cleaning training in VR among environmental service professionals in a hospital set up.  User groups  The user groups in this study include professionals of the Children’s Medical Center Environmental Services, Dallas.  What were the training requirements?  A reduction in training time and […]

VR, Manikin or Both for Healthcare Procedure Training

Proven to be highly effective in providing realistic and effective training, manikins have been a valuable part of the healthcare procedure training for a long time. However, a shift, though gradual, is now being witnessed. Technology has been advancing at its own pace and the possibilities of remote learning were being explored but with the […]

NG Tube Insertion – Practice is Key to Perfection

NG tube or nasogastric tube insertion involves guiding a tube into a patient’s stomach through the nostril and esophagus. This thin plastic tube can help nurses deliver food and medication directly into a patient’s stomach. The need to do so can be for varied reasons and the decision for an NG tube insertion is purely […]

Foley Catheter Insertion – A Core Nursing Procedure

Foley catheter insertion is a core nursing skill which involves introducing a thin flexible sterile tube through the urethra into a patient’s bladder for the purpose of withdrawing urine. The Foley catheter can be left in place for a certain period of time due to which it is also called an indwelling catheter. The tube […]

IV Insertion – A Core Medical Procedure

Intravenous insertion or IV insertion is a core medical procedure that involves connecting a cannula to a patient’s vein to administer infusions directly into the bloodstream. Cannulas come in different sizes and are used depending upon factors like the type of infusion to be administered, the rate at which the infusion is to run and […]

PICC Insertion – Benefits of Training Nurses

A medical practitioner will call for a PICC insertion in instances when a prolonged medication course is required. The catheter placement eliminates the need for repeated needle insertions as the PICC can be placed in the body for a period up to 18 months. Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter or PICC  is an intravenous catheter inserted […]

Endotracheal Intubation – Train in VR

Endotracheal intubation can be a standard procedure performed before a surgery or an emergency measure to help secure a patient’s airway system. In either case, it is a delicate process that involves passing a tube into a person’s trachea. It requires well-trained hands that can perform the process swiftly and safely, especially in emergencies if […]

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration – A Critical Invasive Procedure

A bone marrow biopsy and aspiration procedure is performed when a detailed report of the condition of the bone marrow and blood cells is required. This test report can help doctors diagnose and monitor bone and marrow diseases, including certain types of cancers.  Why perform this procedure  Aspiration and biopsy are usually performed when a patient’s blood reports seem […]

Burn Wound Care – A Critical Care Nursing Skill

The primary goal of every burn wound care procedure is to provide comfort to the patient, erase infection risks, stimulate the healing procedure and optimize functionality of the affected area. Burns can be caused by multiple reasons ranging from fire to contact with hot liquids or steam to electricity related accidents. When doctors evaluate an […]

CVC Insertion : A Procedure Serving Multiple Purposes

What is a Central Venous Cather (CVC) Insertion?  Central venous (CV) catheter, also known as a central line, is a thin, flexible tube with a jugular, subclavian or femoral placement that is threaded or guided into the superior vena cava, a large vein on the right side of the heart. This is a long, flexible […]

Clinical Simulations in VR can Transform Medical Education

Can clinical simulations in VR help transform healthcare education for the better? Employment opportunities in the healthcare sector are witnessing a sharp increase globally but are we able to meet the demand? According to a Mercer report, by 2025 the US alone will face a shortage of 446,300 home health aides, 95,000 nursing assistants, 98,700 […]

PTA – Playing a Key Role in Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Aides (PTA) constitute an important part in rehabilitation programs when it comes to helping improve functional capacities of patients. An injury or trauma may lead to a patient being impaired in the lower or upper extremities or an impairment of balance and coordination. With this comes the state of dependency. The primary goal […]

Sterile Processing – A Crucial Healthcare Procedure

Who do we come across when we visit a healthcare facility? Doctors, nurses, administrative staff, doctor’s assistants? That’s right, we see them busily working with patients, carrying out medical procedures, making effective use of equipment to diagnose diseases, assisting patients as and when required, in short, trying to make life better for patients and their […]

Perfecting Phlebotomy Skills

What is phlebotomy? According to the Oxford dictionary it is ‘the opening of a vein in order to remove blood or put another liquid in’. The term has a Greek origin with ‘phlebo’ meaning vein and ‘tomy’ meaning ‘to make an incision’. The practice of phlebotomy has been around for centuries and was once performed […]

ECG – The what and why of it

For the heart to functions normally, it is important that it receives sufficient and unrestricted flow of blood. Irregularities detected in time can help prevent heart attacks and save lives and this can be achieved with the help of an electrocardiograph (ECG). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cardiovascular diseases (CVD) […]