VR nursing skills

Globally Manage XR Programs in One Step with MedVR Education’s XR Platform

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With MedVR Ed's end-to-end XR training platform, you can:

VR nursing skills


From a range of options, select the XR program best suited to your organization.

VR nursing skills


Manage and modify content permissions to specific users, groups and organizations.

VR nursing skills


Remotely and wirelessly deploy XR content globally to any headset.

VR nursing skills


View and analyze training performance data at a deeper level.

VR nursing skills


Integrate data with any LMS using our API.

How it works?

VR simulation training
VR simulation training

What you get from the MedVR Ed XR Platform:

VR nursing skills

User Management

  • Easily manage and report rollups by assigning users to organization units 
  • Use emails or unique usernames 
  • Add ‘External Id’ to map users back to LMS or corporate user registry 
  • Create roll-based permissions for students, training manager, admin
VR nursing skills

Content Management

  • Over-the-air delivery of training content to headset 
  • No sideloading or content juggling 
  • Curated content for specific user access 
  • Monitor progress and skill development by assigning courses and due dates  
VR nursing skills

Platform Login Options

  • Login with MedVR Education credentials 
  • Authenticate using OAuth 2.0 
  • IDP integration
VR simulation training

Analytics Reporting

  • User and Module Based Reporting 
  • In-depth session debriefing 
  • AI-based conversation log review 
  • Active user statistics 
  • Advanced reporting
VR simulation training

API Integration

  • Integrate with LMS 
  • Custom API integration 
  • xAPI/TinCan connection 
  • LTI integration 
  • User data synchronization

Got any questions?

Access a vast range of XR training content with the MedVR Ed library

Virtual Reality Medical Simulation

Welcome to MedVR Education! We’re at the forefront of creating the biggest library for healthcare XR simulation training. Here, you can dive into a wide range of XR training content covering all aspects of healthcare. From emergency scenarios to critical care and essential medical skills, we’ve got it all.

Our library is always growing and evolving, reflecting our dedication to keeping up with the latest in medical education. As you explore the XR programs we’ve designed, you have the freedom to pick and choose the solutions that best match what you’re looking for.

With MedVR Education, we’re breaking down traditional barriers, ushering in a new way of medical training that combines the real world with XR experiences. Get ready to reshape your medical education as you engage with lifelike simulations and immersive learning. Your journey towards medical excellence starts right here.

Manage unlimited programs with one platform

Clinical simulation in VR

Step into the future of training management with our cutting-edge XR platform. Crafted to elevate organizational training endeavors, this platform boasts an intuitive interface coupled with advanced functionalities, empowering you to seamlessly conceive, tailor, and launch an extensive array of training programs – all united within a singular, centralized hub.

Be it the immersive realms of virtual reality (VR), the enriching overlays of augmented reality (AR), or the dynamic fusion of mixed reality (MR) content, our platform stands ready to embrace diverse XR technologies. This versatility ensures a tailored approach to accommodate various learning preferences and specific requirements, underpinning a truly comprehensive training experience.

MedVR Ed deploys content remotely to any headset around the world

Clinical simulation in VR

The wireless feature of MedVR Ed’s content enables users to access training content from any part of the world by simply logging in to the platform from a headset. With no sideloading hassle, all that users require are a headset, login credentials and an internet connection. From here on it is smooth sailing. 

Our over-the-air (OTA) deployment system ensures that you’re always equipped with the latest version of our training content. No need to worry about manually downloading updates – we take care of that for you. Seamlessly integrated into your learning journey, these updates guarantee that you’re benefiting from the most current and relevant information available. With MedVR Ed, your focus remains on learning, while we handle the rest in the background, keeping you at the forefront of your educational experience.

Debriefing of procedural skills

Clinical simulation in VR

With the Debriefing of Procedural Skills, gain unprecedented access into detailed insights of every step executed, both in training and assessment modes. For example, what was the precise angle at which an IV was inserted, the depth of insertion, and other similar critical metrics that define mastery. 

  • Detailed insight of steps performed in both training mode and assessment mode.
  • Deep data analytics of every step including the time and additional metadata. 
  • Individual performer data in a multiplayer session. 
  • Segregated data of correct and incorrect steps performed in assessment mode. 

Open-scenario debriefing

Clinical simulation in VR

Open scenario simulations are all about building skills like assessing patients, conducting an evaluation, implementing treatment procedures and finally analyzing through debriefing. These scenarios provide valuable feedback for individual participant performance helping learners evolve and excel. 

  • Post-session debriefing data of participants. 
  • Individual performer data in a multiplayer session. 
  • Grouped data of correct and incorrect steps performed by users. 
  • Overall analysis of individual contribution in a group session. 

Elevating learning through comprehensive conversation analysis

Clinical simulation in VR

Get ready to witness a transformation in learner interactions with AI virtual humans. Introducing a breakthrough feature that takes learning to a whole new level – the Detailed Conversation Log. 

With this XR platform, gain unprecedented access to the inner workings of each virtual patient interaction. The Detailed Conversation Log meticulously captures every exchange between learners and virtual patients, providing a comprehensive record of the entire session.

  • Detailed conversation log with virtual patient. 
  • Analysis of nature of questions asked. 
  • Insight into individual contribution in group session. 

MedVR Ed’s API allows LMS integration of all programs

Clinical simulation in VR

Recognizing the significance of a holistic perspective on your organization’s training endeavors, MedVR Ed offers an impactful solution: our robust API. Seamlessly integrating with your current Learning Management System (LMS), this API smoothly combines all training data originating from the MedVR Ed platform. 

This integration gives you a powerful advantage. It provides essential insights into how each training program is performing. With this valuable data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to enhance your organization’s training efforts. MedVR Ed’s API isn’t just about technology—it’s a smart way to make your training strategies even better. 

MedVR Education allows enterprises to reap the benefits of virtual reality training

VR simulation

Reduced Turnaround Time

VR simulation

Increased Learner Engagement

VR simulation

Minimized Training Time

XR in healthcare

Increased ROI

XR in healthcare

Reduced Training Cost