XR Nursing Curriculum

Train better to perform better

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Why MedVR Education

Critical thinking

Procedural finesse

Interprofessional skills

Muscle memory

Why Medvr

MedVR Ed understands the critical role of first responders in meeting healthcare goals. XR Nursing Curriculum is a step towards implementing XR in healthcare and providing meaningful and effective training to nursing students and professionals. 

First responders and nurses form the backbone of the healthcare profession, providing support at multiple levels and helping hospitals and healthcare organizations achieve their goals. At the same time, the nursing profession can prove to be very exhaustive and demanding, especially in times of emergencies. The pandemic, needless to say, proved to be highly challenging to every nursing professional. While illnesses and calamities may not be controlled, it would be worthwhile to provide quality training to professionals and VR training nursing skill can prove to be highly effective in meeting this need.

VR nursing skills training solution can help provide effective and efficient training and practice opportunities, be a step towards overcoming the shortage of staff, and will also help in closing skill gaps. With quality training and confidence in their arsenal, nurses will be prepared to face and handle everyday challenges. 



How does it work?

MedVR Ed’s vast and dynamically growing VR nursing skills simulation library serves as a rich repository of training and practice modules in the field of nursing. Each VR training nursing skill module is developed under the expert guidance of experienced nursing professionals and includes tasks and activities that help learners practice and polish their skills. Universities and training institutes can successfully implement VR training nursing skills in their labs and experience the benefits. 



MedVR Ed Clinical Library

Solutions in Library

NG Tube Insertion
Urologic Sepsis
Surgical Attire & Hand Antisepsis
Head-to-toe Assessment
CVC Insertion - Advanced
CVC Insertion – Assistance
IV Infiltration
IV Insertion and Removal
Tracheostomy Care
Colostomy Care
PICC Insertion
PICC Removal
Foley Catheter - Female
Postpartum Hemorrhage
Burn Wound Care
Patient Room Cleaning
Operating Room Cleaning
Chest Tube Insertion
Pediatric Septic Shock
Staple Removal
Skin Adhesive Placement
Intradermal Injection
Intramuscular Injection
Subcutaneous Injection
Administering Eye Medications

Upcoming Solutions in Library

Airway Management
Initiating a Transfusion
Applying Topical Medications
Administering Ear Medication


Photorealistic environments

Get true-to-life experiences

Physics-based interactions

Handle objects as in real life

Multiplayer with voice-chat

Cut across boundaries to train as a team

Haptic feedback

Hands feel the actual effect of actions

Reduced error rates

Increase efficiency, reduce errors

Increased ROI

One-time investment with repeated returns

Critical thinking

Think, analyze, and assess critically


Practice to perform as a team

Do we customize?

All skills in the MedVR Ed library can be made available in three forms.

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Fully customized to suit individual organization requirements.


Create a mix of off-the-shelf and customized solutions.