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About The Course:

After a colostomy surgery the care procedure is entrusted to nurses. Taking proper care of a colostomy patient includes tasks like emptying and changing the colostomy bag, cleaning the stoma, and applying adhesive wafer. All this has to be performed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the patient.

In this multiplayer VR simulation, learners can join virtually to collaborate with each other via voice chat. They can learn the procedure in virtual photorealistic environments and gain first-hand experience of each step of the process.

Learning Objective:
  • Plan for delivery of ostomy care through selection and organization of necessary equipment
  • Apply proper technique for the removal of a pouch and cleansing the stoma 
  • Determine, prepare, and apply the correct size barrier ring and pouch 
  • Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society. (2010). Management of the patient with a fecal ostomy: Best practice guideline for clinicians. Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing, 37(6), 596–598. (Level VII)
  • Developed under the guidance of the MedVR Education advisory team.

Core Skills Training

Colostomy care procedure in VR

Procedure Preparation

Thorough preparation ensures a smooth procedure. The same goes for this lesson on Procedure Preparation for changing a colostomy bag. As part of this module, the user will learn the methods of informing the patient and gathering material to go ahead with the change of the colostomy pouch. Fluid conversations with the virtual patient, multiplayer features with voice-chat and physics-based interactions add realism to the module.

Colostomy care procedure in VR

Changing Colostomy Bag

With the required material gathered and patient informed it is time to perform the colostomy bag change. As part of this module, learners can join in multiplayer mode, learn the process of emptying the old bag, removing it, preparing the skin, and applying a new colostomy bag. Learners can follow each step of the procedure, share knowledge and gain experiences to help prepare for real-life tasks.


With prompts, guidance and affordances learners are hand-held through the process to practice the procedure in a virtual environment with a virtual patient. 

  • Photorealistic virtual environment
  • Physics-based interactions
  • Multiplayer across locations
  • Voice-chat in real time
Colostomy care training procedure in VR


Test acquired skills to perform the procedures from start to finish without prompts. An incorrect step will take the learner back to the start to start afresh. 

  • Live scoring
  • Instant feedback
  • Adequate affordances for efficient performance
  • Time tracking to monitor activity completion