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About The Course:

Jennifer Brown is a 58-year-old female. She is visiting the physician’s office for a staple removal procedure ten days after she had an excision of squamous cell carcinoma. The incision is three inches long with seven staples on the right lower leg.  

In this multiplayer VR simulation, users practice the procedure to remove staples in realistic environments. It contains both training and assessment modes to help learners first practice the procedure and then assess their skills.

Learning Objectives:
  • Demonstrate sterile technique while preparing and removing staples 
  • Demonstrate standard technique of removing staples 
  • Demonstrate standard technique of applying adhesive strips 
  • Explain aftercare instructions to patient
  • Wiegand, D. L. (2017). AACN procedure manual for high acuity, progressive, and critical care (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.
  • The Joint Commission. (2019). Standard NPSG.07.01.01. Comprehensive accreditation manual for hospitals. Oakbrook Terrace, IL: The Joint Commission. (Level VII) 

Customize Your Program
Get rid of the editor. Adopt in-VR customization.

MedVR Education is bringing to you in-VR customization that will enable you to customize your procedural simulations by making selections from a range of feature choices.

  • Select patient from a diverse background
  • Choose preferred virtual environment
  • Select equipment used in the procedure
  • Modify difficulty level of the assessment mode
  • …..many more to come
  • Multi-player
  • Physics-based Interaction

Core Skills Training

Procedure Preparation

In the Procedure Preparation module, the user is required to confirm the patient’s identity and educate the patient about the procedure and post-procedure care. Having done this, the user will gather the material required for the procedure, perform hand hygiene, create a sterile field, and get the patient ready for staple removal.

Staple Removal

In the Staple Removal module, the user will begin the procedure by inspecting the incision site to check that the incision is well approximated. Using alcohol swabs, the user will clean the incision, extract the staple with a staple extractor, and apply adhesive strips on the skin. The procedure will be repeated for all seven staples. All extracted staples and the staple extractor will have to be disposed in the sharps container and appropriate hygiene regime performed after procedure completion.


With prompts, guidance and affordances learners are hand-held through the process to practice the procedure in a virtual environment with a virtual patient. 

  • Photorealistic virtual environment
  • Physics-based interactions
  • Detailed instructions
  • Adequate affordances to assist in task completion


Test acquired skills to perform the procedures from start to finish without prompts. An incorrect step will take the learner back to the start to start afresh. 

  • Live scoring
  • Instant feedback
  • Adequate affordances for efficient performance
  • Time tracking to monitor activity completion