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About The Course:

PPH or postpartum hemorrhage, a serious vaginal bleeding after childbirth, can turn life threatening if not identified and controlled in time. In order to prevent such untoward circumstances, it is crucial for healthcare team members to be well-versed in recognizing the situation and calling for help in a timely manner. Treatment administered in time plays a significant role in controlling bleeding and saving life and families.

This multiplayer VR simulation facilitates team collaboration and learning from various locations from across the globe. Learners not only acquire the skills but also share knowledge and experience through voice chat in real time.

Learning Objective:
  • Recognize an emergency
  • Demonstrate appropriate clinical management of the patient with hemorrhage
  • Measure QBL (Quantitative Blood Loss)
  • Display appropriate teamwork and communication
  • Conduct appropriate communication with patient and family
  • Developed in accordance with California Quality Care Collaborative, Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Joint commission.

Core Skills Training

Postpartum Hemorrhage

From identifying an emergency to administering the appropriate treatment, every step in the process of a PPH treatment is crucial and calls for quick decision making and timely action. Through a virtual patient, this lesson helps learners gain confidence and experience in treating a PPH patient. With adequate affordances and helpful guidance, every learner is provided ample opportunity to practice and perfect the skills to perform with accuracy and efficiency, thereby helping perform in real-life situations with expertise.