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About The Course:

Invasive procedures are performed in the operating room making it significantly important to maintain a sterile environment. Environmental services professionals perform an impeccable job to ensure that the cleanliness of the room is maintained, and this level of perfection is achieved by thorough training and practice. As part of this Operating Room Cleaning learning solution, training and assessment, learners are provided training and practice in procedures related to entering the room to cleaning and finally exiting.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify high-touch areas in an operating room that require disinfecting every time 
  • Practice cleaning sequences high to low and clockwise/counter-clockwise 
  • Learn trash segregation and sequencing
  • Practice OR suite floor mopping 
  • Learn restocking and room preparation for next case

Developed in alignment with AHE (Association for the Health Care Environment) guidelines.

Customize Your Program
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MedVR Education is bringing to you in-VR customization that will enable you to customize your procedural simulations by making selections from a range of feature choices.

  • Select patient from a diverse background
  • Choose preferred virtual environment
  • Select equipment used in the procedure
  • Modify difficulty level of the assessment mode
  • …..many more to come
  • Physics-Based Interaction

Core Skills Training

Prepare to Enter

Before stepping inside the OR to perform cleaning tasks a number of things must be kept in mind and a due process followed. Supplies checklist must be checked, the cleaning cart must be appropriately parked, a cleaning sign displayed, etc. This module provides practice in performing these steps with efficiency helping build muscle memory for smooth execution in real-life scenarios. All necessary affordances are made available to provide thorough training and practice.

Remove Waste

Remains and waste material from the previous procedure must be cleared from the operating room completely with no remnants left behind. This not only requires knowledge of what to remove but also a due process to ensure a thorough job performances. Learners are made to perform the task in a predetermined step-by-step procedure to help remove waste from all possible locations.

Clean and Disinfect

Meticulous cleaning and disinfecting is significant towards ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the next scheduled surgery. Following a routine path makes it possible to clean and disinfect all surfaces and equipment in the room. Learners get to practice the task in a set pattern, which helps in knowledge retention and builds muscle memory.

Restock Supplies

Having cleaned and disinfected the surfaces and equipment, the operating room must be made ready for the next procedure, which includes restocking supplies. Before restocking, personal hygiene must be performed to ensure the fresh stock is absolutely clean and hygienic. With guided instructions and affordances required for the task, learners perform the restocking job in a detailed step-by-step method.

Floor Cleaning

Before exiting the room, a final cleaning round must be undertaken. This includes mopping the heavy traffic areas of the floor and disinfecting the immediate surroundings of the OR table. Cleaning tools like mops and dusters need to be disinfected and a final visual inspection done along with a run through a checklist of tasks. Gloves and eye protection gear used in the cleaning process need to be discarded as well as hands sanitized. All tasks are performed in a routine manner ensuring all steps are covered.


With prompts, guidance and affordances learners are hand-held through the process to practice the procedure in a virtual environment. 

  • Photorealistic virtual environment
  • Physics-based interactions
  • Detailed instructions
  • Adequate affordances to assist in task completion


Test acquired skills to perform the procedures from start to finish without prompts. An incorrect step will take the learner back to the start to start afresh. 

  • Live scoring
  • Instant feedback
  • Adequate affordances for efficient performance
  • Time tracking to monitor activity completion