Creating Patient Safety VR Simulation Scenarios in Partnership with Mount Sinai Health System

In the complex ecosystem of healthcare, patient safety stands as a cornerstone of effective treatment and care. Hospitals, the bastions of healing, carry the responsibility of not just treating ailments but also ensuring a secure environment for patients. MedVR Education and Mount Sinai Health System have come together to develop training solutions for nurses particularly […]

Training for Neonatal Resuscitation Program in VR

The process of birth brings with it changes not only for the mother but also the newborn. For the neonate, all body systems undergo change. Birth ushers in a major transition in life and the body is required to cope with this transition. Changes can be accompanied by complications, birth asphyxia being one of them. […]

VR Open Scenario Assessments for Healthcare Training

‘The stage is all yours and you are in charge. Make choices and moves as you consider appropriate. In the end you will get a debriefing of your performance.’  This is MedVR Ed’s VR open scenario assessment for healthcare skills.  What is an open scenario assessment?  If you are familiar with popular open world games […]