VR Nursing Skill Training to Overcome Nursing Education Challenges

The nursing education system in the United States grapples with critical shortcomings, including limited clinical placements and a severe shortage of qualified faculty. These challenges hinder the quality of education received by nursing students and impede their readiness for professional practice. In response, Virtual Reality (VR) technology emerges as a transformative solution, offering immersive training […]

Benefits of Multiplayer VR Training

If you have played the multiplayer online game Fortnite you will be well aware of the excitement it carries. Even if you haven’t, you may know people around you who’ve been hooked on the game. Ever wondered why? This game places users in an artificial environment, allows them to play in first person, and collaborate […]

Role of VR in Building Muscle Memory among Healthcare Professionals

Can VR play a role in building muscle memory? It is a case of a road accident. The victim is severely injured, unconscious and not able to breathe on his own. As an emergency room nurse, you need to immediately perform an endotracheal intubation procedure. Do you have the time to stop and think about how to insert the laryngoscope? […]