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About The Course:

This AI-powered Obstructive Sleep Apnea patient assessment tool is designed to help learners practice their patient assessment skills.  

Employing end-to-end AI and technologies like large language model (LLM) and deep learning, these virtual ‘clients’ possess the ability to respond like real humans. Learners can conduct a completely organic conversation with the client, asking them about their symptoms and problems faced. Based on the client’s responses, a line of diagnosis can be established, and treatment plan formulated.  

The MedVR Ed XR Platform provides trainers and instructors with the facility to review conversation logs and analyze learner performance based on customized rubrics. Based on the performance review, trainers will be able to provide precise and effective feedback.

Learning Objectives:
  • Ask relevant questions to get a better understanding of the patient’s symptoms 
  • Formulate diagnostic hypothesis of patient’s symptoms based on patient’s answers to assessment questions 
  • Evaluate obtained information to formulate differential diagnosis
Clinical simulation in VR
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  • de Vries, G. E., Wijkstra, P. J., Houwerzijl, E. J., & Kerstjens, H. A. M. (2018). Cardiovascular effects of oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 40, 55-68. .10.004

Customize Your Case
Build your own AI-Humans patient.

MedVR Education is bringing to you a no-code authoring platform to create new patient cases and customized patient history. Put together your own cases by making selections from a wide range of customizing features.

  • Create with web-based authoring tool
  • Publish in VR, desktop, and mobile devices
  • Train your virtual patient by yourself
  • Select patient from a diverse background
  • Choose preferred virtual environment
  • Perform real-time testing
  • Track and train new data
  • AI Patient Assessment
  • Natural Language Processing

Case History

Clinical simulation in VR

Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Patient Assessment

Alethea is 46 years old who lives in South Carolina with her husband Robert. For the past couple of months Alethea has been feeling extremely tired during the day. She feels like she does not get a good night’s sleep. Her husband says she snores loudly and sometimes it seems like she stops breathing for a couple of seconds. Sometimes Alethea wakes up from her sleep, gasping for air. Her sister thinks Alethea is suffering from sleep apnea.
Your task, as a healthcare practitioner, is to conduct an initial assessment of the patient’s symptoms and formulate a diagnostic hypothesis.

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