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About The Course:

Surgical airway management or cricothyroidotomy is done to establish an airway in cases of extreme urgency to secure an airway. Surgical airways form a crucial part of emergency management and are considered the quickest method to obtain a sub-laryngeal airway. 

This VR simulation for Surgical Airway is designed to help healthcare practitioners practice the procedure of obtaining a surgical airway in a safe and controlled virtual environment with a virtual patient. With both training and assessment modes, learners can perform the procedure and assess themselves on their performance.


Learning Objectives:
  • Use standard technique to inflate the cuff and check for leaks 
  • Visualize the larynx using head tilt / chin lift maneuver 
  • Develop skills to find and palpate the cricothyroid membrane 
  • Use clinically approved method to make the skin incision and cut the cricothyroid membrane 
  • Insert the tracheostomy tube efficiently and secure the device in place 
  • Assess the patient after insertion
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Customize Your Program
Get rid of the editor. Adopt in-VR customization.

MedVR Education is bringing to you in-VR customization that will enable you to put together your own simulations by making selections from a wide range of feature choices. 

  • Select patient from a diverse background 
  • Choose preferred virtual environment 
  • Select equipment used in the procedure
  • Modify difficulty level of the assessment mode
  • …..many more to come
  • Multi-player
  • Physics-based Interaction

Core Skills Training

Performing Surgical Airway

As a part of this Surgical Airway procedure, the user will begin by performing hand hygiene and donning gloves and eyewear. The learner will proceed by palpating the midline of the neck, stabilize the midline structures and identify the cricothyroid membrane. After making a horizontal incision along the cricothyroid membrane, the learner will place the tracheal hook into the tracheal. The learner will then insert the tracheal tube, ensure its correct placement with the balloon within the trachea. The procedure will be complete after the learner confirms the correct placement by the rise and fall of the patient’s chest.
All necessary affordances are provided to complete the procedure with efficiency.


With prompts, guidance and affordances learners are hand-held through the process to practice the procedure in a virtual environment with a virtual patient.  

  • Photorealistic virtual environment  
  • Physics-based interactions  
  • Detailed instructions  
  • Adequate affordances to assist in task completion  


Test acquired skills to perform the procedures from start to finish without prompts. An incorrect step will take the learner back to the start to start afresh.  

  • Live scoring  
  • Instant feedback  
  • Adequate affordances for efficient performance  
  • Time tracking to monitor activity completion