Mixed Reality – Augment your Healthcare Training

In the realm of virtual healthcare training, there exist different kinds of realities. There is augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and now mixed reality (MR). In augmented reality digital objects are laid upon real objects. We can view these digital pieces but cannot interact with them. A smartphone is capable of accessing AR content. […]

What Makes Virtual Reality So Popular in Clinical Education?

Clinical simulation is a beneficial pedagogical approach allowing medical students to practice decision-making and clinical skills while rehearsing the behaviors. Besides, it also works as an effective tool for educational models that evaluate skills learning through different real-life situational experiences without causing any risk to institutional resources or clients. Often it becomes a challenge for […]

Emerging Trends in VR Simulations – MedVR Education

VR simulations have now been widely accepted as an effective means of learning and skill development. Organizations and universities across industries and disciplines are adopting this immersive and engaging method to provide their learners with an efficient means of learning. One such industry is healthcare. The healthcare profession is as much about theoretical knowledge as […]