OR Cleaning – Plan Meticulously, Execute Effectively

Operating room, also called OR in healthcare parlance, is where invasive procedures are conducted. While cleanliness and hygiene of all areas in a healthcare set up are of primary importance, the significance becomes greater when it concerns the OR. As per the nature of the procedures performed here it is critical to keep the environment […]

Pointers to Perform Head-to-toe Assessment

The nursing profession involves a wide range of skills, performing assessments being one of the very important ones. Needless to say, assessments have to be fool-proof because it is based on these assessments that many future lines of treatment are based. It is like laying a solid ground-work before the structure is erected. One small […]

NG Tube Insertion – Practice is Key to Perfection

NG tube or nasogastric tube insertion involves guiding a tube into a patient’s stomach through the nostril and esophagus. This thin plastic tube can help nurses deliver food and medication directly into a patient’s stomach. The need to do so can be for varied reasons and the decision for an NG tube insertion is purely […]

IV Insertion – A Core Medical Procedure

Intravenous insertion or IV insertion is a core medical procedure that involves connecting a cannula to a patient’s vein to administer infusions directly into the bloodstream. Cannulas come in different sizes and are used depending upon factors like the type of infusion to be administered, the rate at which the infusion is to run and […]

PTA – Playing a Key Role in Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Aides (PTA) constitute an important part in rehabilitation programs when it comes to helping improve functional capacities of patients. An injury or trauma may lead to a patient being impaired in the lower or upper extremities or an impairment of balance and coordination. With this comes the state of dependency. The primary goal […]