Preparing for NCLEX with MedVR Education

What is NCLEX?   The NCLEX exam is a necessary step towards becoming a licensed nurse. Also known as the National Council Licensure Examination, it is a standardized test that nursing candidates need to take after completing an accredited nursing education. A pass score from NCLEX proves to state boards that the candidate possesses entry level […]

What Makes Virtual Reality So Popular in Clinical Education?

Clinical simulation is a beneficial pedagogical approach allowing medical students to practice decision-making and clinical skills while rehearsing the behaviors. Besides, it also works as an effective tool for educational models that evaluate skills learning through different real-life situational experiences without causing any risk to institutional resources or clients. Often it becomes a challenge for […]

Texas Children’s Partners with MedVR Ed to Roll Out VR Training

With the aim of eliminating instances of CLABSI infections, MedVR Education and Texas Children’s Hospital came together to develop a VR training program that provides clinical staff practice in identifying and preventing cases of CLABSI.  CLABSI, or central line associated blood stream infection, is preventable yet thousands of deaths occur every year. In the United […]

18 Reasons to Choose MedVR Education as your VR Training Partner

Healthcare training requires a good deal of hands-on practice to gain experience, build confidence and improve muscle memory. Practicing in realistic environments is essential to get accustomed to real-world situations and simulations prove to be the cornerstone of clinical training. Till not very long ago, training with manikins, standardized patients, and moulage had been the […]

VR Simulations for Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice (RCDP) is a training methodology that involves frequent practice of a specific skill or task, followed by feedback and reflection, with the goal of improving performance over time. The approach is characterized by its focus on deliberate practice, immediate feedback, and rapid cycle iteration.  What is deliberate practice?  To practice is […]

10 Best VR Simulation Training in 2023

What is VR Simulation Training?  VR simulation training is designed to provide learners an immersive, distraction-free and experiential learning opportunity. It can comfortably be accepted that effective training in any field can be achieved when these features are perfectly blended and aligned. Scenarios in a virtual environment are created to replicate real-world situations. Learners become […]

Emerging Trends in VR Simulations – MedVR Education

VR simulations have now been widely accepted as an effective means of learning and skill development. Organizations and universities across industries and disciplines are adopting this immersive and engaging method to provide their learners with an efficient means of learning. One such industry is healthcare. The healthcare profession is as much about theoretical knowledge as […]