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Endotracheal intubation can be a standard procedure performed before a surgery or an emergency measure to help secure a patient’s airway system. In either case, it is a delicate process that involves passing a tube into a person’s trachea. It requires well-trained hands that can perform the process swiftly and safely, especially in emergencies if a patient’s condition is deteriorating rapidly.

Purpose of endotracheal intubation:

A person may require intubation in any of the following circumstances:

– To deliver anesthetic drugs during surgery

– When a person is suffering from acute respiratory problems

– To control the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood

– For patients with weakened breathing muscles

– In cases of damaged chest bones and tissues

The process of endotracheal intubation involves an instrument called the laryngoscope that helps guide the endotracheal tube to its correct position in the trachea. The correct positioning of the tube is ascertained by noting the patient’s breathing pattern or with the help of an x-ray taken immediately after inserting the tube. Though the entire procedure is a short and quick one, proper preparations need to be made, including informing the patient about the procedure and what to expect. This means that the medical professional performing the procedure does not only have to be skilled in the process but should also be able to effectively communicate with the patient.

Skill training with MedVR Education

An endotracheal intubation can be required during emergency situations and it is quite likely that a doctor may not be available immediately to attend to the patient. Considering such circumstances critical care nurses are trained to perform the procedure and help secure the patient’s airways till a specialist doctor is available for examination and further the medical procedures.

With this VR simulation training program for Endotracheal Intubation, every learner will be able to perform and practice the following skills.

Patient preparation: For successful completion of any task, the preparation should be fool proof. The same applies to a medical procedure. Practicing this particular skill will help the learners get acquainted with all the tasks involved in preparing for an intubation procedure. This involves tasks like confirming the identity of the patient, inserting and oropharyngeal airway and premedicating the patient.

Intubation: Once preparations are completed the intubation procedure needs to be performed. With the affordances provided in this skill training session, learners will complete the task of inserting a laryngoscope followed by the endotracheal tube. Learners will also ensure the correct placement of the tube in the trachea.

Benefits of training with MedVR Education 

This VR simulation from MedVR Education focuses on Endotracheal (ET) Intubation where nurses get to practice the procedure in a safe environment with a virtual patient. Training with MedVR Education offers learners multiple benefits. 

– Photorealistic set-up replicating a real-world scenario 

– Physics-based interactions to provide realistic experiences 

– Zero-risk training with virtual patients 

– Multiple practice sessions to refine skill 

– Opportunity to identify errors and learn from mistakes 

– Instant feedback to rectify error points 

– Adequate affordances to complete tasks efficiently 

– Detailed procedure to complete a task meticulously 

– Assessment mode to practice the process independently  

The assessment mode of the program provides opportunities to practice the procedure without any prompts and guidance encouraging learners to complete the process independently. This will further help provide a big boost to learner morale and confidence, a much-needed quality in every healthcare professional. 

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