Practice Colostomy Care in VR

Colostomy care training procedure in VR
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As technology advances, the methods of learning and perfecting skills also undergo changes, changes that are for the better. Virtual reality (VR) is one such development that is bringing about revolutionary changes in the field of education and training, including the healthcare sector. A lesson to practice colostomy care in VR is one such example of how this means of learning can bring about improved changes in the performance of healthcare professionals. 

What is colostomy? 

Before we explore how VR is beneficial for learning and practice of the colostomy care procedure, we need to understand what colostomy is. 

Colostomy is a surgical procedure in which an opening is created in the abdominal wall for the colon or large intestine. This opening is called the stoma. A pouch or bag is placed over the stoma to collect stool. A colostomy can be permanent or temporary, depending upon the condition being treated. 

Pointers for care givers 

Needless to say, the need for a colostomy arises in extreme conditions. While the surgeon performs the surgery, the nursing staff is entrusted with the care of the stoma. A crucial part of the stoma care is the changing of the colostomy pouch. As a nurse or care giver, certain guidelines must be kept in mind while undertaking this task. 

– Gather all materials before the beginning of the procedure. 

– Take note of the stoma location and the type of colostomy performed. 

– Check the skin condition around the stoma and its appearance, especially in the early postoperative stage. 

– Provide good skin care around the stoma. Maintaining the integrity of the skin plays an important role in keeping infections at bay. 

– Keep the patient well-informed about the care process being undertaken. 

– Educate patients on care to be taken when living with a colostomy. 

– Try to provide answers to all questions of the patient to help them feel comfortable and at ease. 

A colostomy is a massive shift from the normal in a patient’s life. Along with providing basic medical care, try to help the patient get comfortable with the change and accept it. This could require a good deal of patience and a calm composure. 

Why practice colostomy care in VR 

Virtual reality or VR, as is commonly called, holds impressive potential in the field of learning. In the medical and nursing domains, VR can help train and practice skills that can prove to be life-saving.  

– Healthcare training sessions in VR come with benefits like the following. 

– Realistic scenarios help learners analyze symptoms and identify emergencies. This further helps in taking prompt and appropriate action.  

– Practicing in true-to-life circumstances provides an understanding of procedures performed and the consequences of actions taken. 

– Being presented with the consequences of actions helps identify the areas of mistakes and errors. This helps learners learn from their mistakes and know what to do and not to do in future. 

– Error rates can be reduced when learners practice the procedures in VR and realize what mistakes are likely to happen. This can help avoid those mistakes in real life.  

– When placed in real life-like situations learners get to test their own abilities to think quickly and critically. With polished critical thinking skills learners are better poised to face real life challenges. 

– Repeated practice of a procedure helps develop muscle-memory. Performing a series of steps becomes second nature and increases efficiency.  

– Practice in VR is zero-risk and stress-free. The surroundings are virtual and so is the patient. A mistake will not lead to any critical consequence. With this fact in mind, the learner can perform in a safe and comfortable atmosphere and develop a sense of confidence in the process.  

Colostomy care procedure in VR

Why MedVR Education

VR, as we’ve just discussed, is a highly effective means of learning and training in the medical sector. With a number of players offering medical training modules in VR, why choose MedVR Ed? 

Apart from all the positives of VR training MedVR Ed offers it learners a bunch of additional benefits: 

– Multiplayer feature allows learners to join in from different locations at a given time and work as a team. 

– Learners can communicate via voice-chat in real time. 

– Working as a team, learners get to collaborate and share knowledge. 

– Practicing with a patient, even though virtual, develops empathy and understanding of the sensitivity of situations. 

– Coordinating and communicating in the virtual world helps prepare for similar real-life situations. 

– MedVR Ed’s movement control feature helps counter motion sickness in VR to a great degree, helping learners learn in a comfortable environment. 

Any given medical procedure is targeted towards one goal, the welfare and well-being of patients. As healthcare professionals this task includes taking care of both physical and mental wellness. Practicing healthcare skills in VR places learners in realistic scenarios and helps prepare them for real-life challenges. 



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