Sterile Processing – A Crucial Healthcare Procedure

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Who do we come across when we visit a healthcare facility? Doctors, nurses, administrative staff, doctor’s assistants? That’s right, we see them busily working with patients, carrying out medical procedures, making effective use of equipment to diagnose diseases, assisting patients as and when required, in short, trying to make life better for patients and their loved ones. What we don’t see is the team working behind the curtains, a team that is working relentlessly to maintain a healthy environment in the facility, to keep the premises and equipment infection and contamination free. They make sure every medical procedure is carried out in perfectly hygienic conditions and every instrument used in a procedure, no matter how small or big it is, is perfectly clean and safe for use. These are the Sterile Processing Technicians of the healthcare facility.

What makes a good Sterile Processing Technician?

There is no room for doubt about the significance of a sterile processing technician in any healthcare set up which makes is important to emphasize upon some of the key qualities required for the job.

Eye for detail: All instruments and equipment need to be thoroughly clean. As it is critical to maintain perfect hygiene standards, an eye for detail is a must.

Endurance: In a medical facility, endurance, both mental and physical, is always called for. When working under pressure, in times of medical crisis, stamina, patience and fortitude become key qualities.

Adaptable: All days may not be the same. Some may call for extra work while some may be a little easy going. As a sterile processing technician, one must be ready for this kind of flexibility in workload and adapt accordingly.

Skill perfection with MedVR Education

Perfection in performance can be achieved through practice. The MedVR Education platform provides practice session in the following skills.

Decontamination – Careful execution of this step helps prevent spread of contaminants. In this module, learners are provided with step-by-step affordances that help them perform the procedure of cleaning and rinsing in an effective and efficient manner.

Disinfection – This process calls for the use of chemical agents to clean and get rid of all pathogenic organisms from inanimate objects. This module enables learners to perform the procedure in a perfectly safe virtual environment fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for the job. The step-by-step design of the course ensures learners complete all the procedural steps.

Packaging – Before instruments and equipment undergo sterilization, it is important to package them accurately and correctly. This module on packaging helps learners practice the Flat Simultaneous Envelope Packaging procedure.

Sterilization – Depending upon the type, packages are loaded in to the sterilizer to ensure efficient and uniform sterilization of all objects. It is important to be well-versed with the placing of packages, so much so that it becomes a spontaneous activity. This module in Sterilization gives learners the much-needed practice to get so well acquainted with the procedure that they can comfortably perform it, no matter the magnitude of the world load. 

Sterile processing VR training with MedVR Education

How does one train to become an efficient technician? One important aspect of it is practice, and this is where MedVR Education steps in. The off-the-shelf VR training programs for Sterile Processing helps the learner not only get acquainted with a set up but also gain expertise to perform with accuracy and confidence.

Performing sterile processing in vr

The MedVR Education platform offers the following benefits:

Photo realistic virtual environment that replicates a real world set up helping create a familiar atmosphere for the learner.

Detailed activities that take the learner through each step in the process and offer practice sessions for achieving expertise in the job.

Multiple practice sessions to help improve upon mistakes and reduce error rates.

Self-analysis of data to study, understand and work upon wanting areas.

Customized feedback to each learner from instructors, helping individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Easy to access VR training programs that can be remotely delivered to headsets and updated as and when needed.

Affordable programs which make these VR trainings accessible to all.

The job of a sterile processing technician is not very complicated or difficult but at the same time it carries a huge responsibility. Efficiency and accuracy are of primary importance which can be achieved with a good deal of practice. MedVR Education is a step in this direction – helping healthcare professionals train and get perfect in their stream of work.


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