Benefits of Multiplayer VR Training

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If you have played the multiplayer online game Fortnite you will be well aware of the excitement it carries. Even if you haven’t, you may know people around you who’ve been hooked on the game. Ever wondered why? This game places users in an artificial environment, allows them to play in first person, and collaborate with team members in real time. These team members can be in any part of the globe but when part of the game they share the same virtual space on that small screen, though the surroundings remain the same real world. Now eliminate the real-world surroundings, picture yourself stepping into a virtual environment where you can walk around, handle objects in the virtual world and meet up with other participants sharing the same virtual space. This is a multiplayer VR setting.

What is multiplayer VR training 

Virtual reality consists of digitally created environments that replicate a real-world scenario. With the help of a VR headset users are instantly transported from reality to virtual reality. Physically they will be very much a part of the real world but the world they see around them will be a virtual space. Since this is digitally created it can be just about any environment. When other users access this same environment allowing them to collaborate, interact and perform activities in the same space they become part of a multiplayer VR session. When this application is integrated into a training session, we get a multiplayer VR training session. 


Benefits of multiplayer VR training 

The benefits of VR training have long been established and are being used by various industries for a range of trainings. VR training is evolving and in the process is the addition of multiplayer training. This adds on to the effectiveness of training and learning skills in a VR session. 

– Collaborate across boundaries – Be it a user in the Americas or across the globe in Asia; one user could be in the northern hemisphere while the other could join in from the southern hemisphere. Time and place are no limitations when learning in virtual worlds. There should be a group of like-minded people who are willing to come together to learn and gain experience and a multiplayer VR session provides the perfect platform to meet up for a common goal. 

– Share knowledge and experiences – The voice chat feature allows participants in a virtual space to communicate with each other in real-time. This means that knowledge and experiences can be shared instantly. Past experiences can be shared, and possibilities explored. Opinions may differ and being able to share them on a common platform can help broaden outlook and perspective. 

Learn in engaging environments – Being part of a common training group promotes healthy discussion. Opinions are shared and new ideas explored. This creates a highly engaging environment which further leads to a very effective and enriching learning experience. 

– Perform tasks as a team – Learning in a multiplayer virtual reality scenario means sharing a virtual space. Activities and tasks are performed together. As participants from diverse backgrounds come together to share a common platform it promotes collaboration and develops team spirit. Interpersonal and inter-professional skills are enhanced when training as a team. 

– Experience increased efficiency – Experience is a great teacher. Personal experiences help us gain knowledge and perform with increased efficiency. When co-learners share their experiences, the benefits are the same with the added advantage of learning from not just one but multiple sources. This in turn is bound to enhance efficiency.   

– Reduce training cost – Virtual reality training sessions take place in the virtual world. The only hardware that is required is a VR headset, and of course a small and safe open space. Apart from this all equipment and environments are virtual. There is nothing to be set up, no facility to be maintained, no inventory of training material to be purchased, and no recurring costs. It is just an app and trainees.  

– Save time – No matter where the learner is, it is just a matter of minutes, and they can meet up in their training space just like that. No flights to be taken, no train journeys and not even a drive across town. By strapping on a headset and starting a multiplayer VR session, participants find themselves in their training environment with their team members. Moreover, simulation environments are always ready for practice in the virtual world. There is no setting up time and once a session is over all that has to be done is restart the app.  

Multiplayer VR training is a step towards shrinking the gap between efficient learning opportunities and learners by making learning accessible to all interested and eager individuals. MedVR Ed realizes the immense benefits of multiplayer VR training sessions and has implemented this feature in all its procedural and open scenario solutions.  


If you are interested in learning more about MedVR Ed’s multiplayer VR training options, contact us for a free demo.